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Managing Client Accounts

My Client Center

As previously introduced, My Client Center (MCC) is a powerful tool for handling multiple AdWords accounts.

MCC users can:

  • Easily view multiple managed accounts, including other MCC accounts, via the My Client Center view.
  • See relevant information for all managed accounts in one place.
  • Run reports across multiple managed accounts at once or download the My Client Center view into a .csv file.
  • Use a single login to access all managed accounts.
  • Create and link AdWords accounts from within your MCC account.

Owners of individual managed accounts can, as always, sign in to their AdWords accounts and maintain access to their login information.

AdWords Editor

AdWords Editor is a free, downloadable application for managing your account. The application offers a wide array of features, but the basic process is simple: download your account, make your changes, then upload your revised campaigns when the changes are finalized.

If you have a large number of campaigns or keywords, or if you manage multiple accounts, AdWords Editor can save you time and help streamline your workflow. For example, you can perform detailed searches across campaigns, make multiple changes instantly, and send other people your proposed changes before you post them.


The AdWords API (application programming interface) lets developers build applications that interact directly with the AdWords server. With these applications, advertisers and third parties can more efficiently and creatively manage large or complex AdWords accounts.

Because implementing the AdWords API takes technical know-how and programming skills, advertisers who employ developers can achieve the best results. Advertisers who do not have these resources but still want an extra tool to help manage their accounts should use AdWords Editor instead.