Google Site เว็บสำเร็จรูปของกูเกิ้ล

รับสอนทำ Google Site by Gong

Why choose Google site?
- It's free.
- It's easy to create.
- You can collaborate with others in creating and editing content.
- It is integrated with other Google tools so you can easily share video, photos, presentations, and calendars.
- Your site is searchable using Google Search technology.
- All versions of your pages are saved. You'll be able to see when revisions were made and by whom.
- You determine who has access to your site and the level of permission you would like users to have.
- Users can subscribe to changes to the announcement pages, having updates sent to their iGoogle or Google Reader pages.
- Your site is stored on Google's secure servers.
- 100 MB of free online storage.
- Save money
- Reliable
- Fast
- High Security
- Can earn money back by Adsense

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